Founded in 2005, at Utopix the main challenge has always been to blend Technology and Creativeness, by proposing Company support services capable to promote, disclose, represent and communicate ideas, projects and products in a groundbreaking and meaningful way. During the years we developed tangible expertise and skills about the use of computer graphics on several business sectors: residential construction, logistic, real estate, manufacturing.

Every task engaged byUtopix is always distinguished for the creative use of technology in the service of your Company; whether you need an institutional videoclip, corporate identity, 3d representation of venues or ideas, web development, interactive environment development, Utopix makes available its team of skilled professionals in order to achieve high quality results.

We always accompany our clients from the very beginning of the project development, aiming to select the best solutions to reach the desired target. The following case history represents an actual sample of what UtopiX can do, acting as a creative partner, for your business.

Our case histories

Present and Future Compared

One of the most interesting look in the development of Virtual Environments and 3D scenarios is the opportunity to compare the present situation, intended as the “state of affairs”, and a potential future, obtained following the project and style guidelines. The Photorealistic Render is a powerful and effective tool to unambiguously communicate the ideas, evaluating the feasable variations, as well.

Utopix has accomplished during the years countless “architectural sights” in many different contexts, such as interior design, civil engineering, large-scale works, project concepts. Browse our gallery to check yourself what is possible to achieve thanks to the rendering technology:

Rendering Milano

In more than fifteen years of activity our support services led us to display a large amount of intervention, all located in Milan, using Pro Photorealistic Renders. We have collected some of these in a gallery that highlights the variety of project that we took charge of and executed in several different sectors.

Portfolio WebLab

We execute with passion website of different kinds, supporting our client since the first steps, with a targeted consultancy, with great attention to the specific demands. Browse the Portfolio to experience some of our works, for both Corporate Websites and E-commerce Platforms.

Video Gallery

For the corporate videos, completely realized starting from 3D Reconstructions, our team operates in a very mindful manner, taking all the necessary footages with proficiency and accuracy. The storyboard, established with the customer, is the essential starting point for every task. The result always is distinguished for the high quality and the compliance to the customer’s demands.