Virtual Tour 360°

The Virtual Tour is a very emotional communication tool, that permits to explore imagine-based paths.
The combined effect of 360° panoramic pictures and spherical renders, returns a magnificent reproduction of space and environments incredibly similar to reality, for both open space or interiors. You can move to different points of view inside the landscape, so you can enjoy a real virtual visit, exploring the represented locations in their whole essence, with a surprising realism. You’ll find it’s very easy to evaluate the project of interiors, the elegance of the new façade of a renewed building, the warm atmosphere of a new club, the relaxing sensation of a spa, or the reconstruction of an industrial plant. It’s an addictive experience that will take your breath away, thanks to immersive imagine with a strong emotional impact, simply accessible by a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or visors.

Features and Benefits

  • The Virtual Tour returns realistic images of the spaces with high quality of the panoramic pictures and virtual spherical renders. It’s possible therefore to visit existing places or future realizations;
  • Inside the Virtual Tour we can add pop-up that can increase the amount of info about the visited space and permit to link external sources;
  • The VT can be integrated in the overall company communication suite, adding it to the website and the social, or on hard copy by QR code (business cards, leaflets ecc.);
  • The VT is user-friendly, and visible on PC, smartphone, tablet and headset;
  • The VT is a powerful tool for all the Companies interested in promoting their projects and their structure in trade shows or any other kind of meeting;
  • Using a simple personal device, you can plunge in whole architectural creations, construction sites, venues, museums ecc.