Present and Future Compared

The photorealistic render is a powerful tool capable to introduce the future reality. The possibility to display simultaneously the “now” and the “after” grants the immediate tool to evaluate the proposal, even for laymen. This tool is easily used on websites, social media and so on, as shown below.

Makeover in Piazza Duca d'Aosta

For this renewal project, regarding the façade of a business building in Piazza Duca d’Aosta (Milan), the “now” and “after” tool is an effective ally not only for the final customer, but for the project designer as well. During the idea development he has the chance, indeed, to check the rendition of the project on the fly. The realistic quality and the remarkable visibility of the chosen materials permit to have a very detailed and likely sight of the project, compared with the state-of-the-art image. The chances to better understand and appreciate the amendments are thereby considerably increased.

Classical Interior

In the interior design fieldthe “now” and “after” technology permits to better appreciate the alterations made and the project overall concept. In the specific shown example the tool is very effective; the classical interior, indeed, where many details are restored and brought back to new life, can be thereby remarkably appreciated, thanks to the insertion of new furniture as well, that completes the framework.

Vittoria Mansion in San Donato

Vittoria Mansion is the typical example of “now and after” on brand new building. The tool works at its best in this kind of situation, permitting to evaluate the whole project development. The construction phase is the ideal for the picture shooting, and the best shots will be used during the post-production phase in order to develop the images and the crops necessary for the “now and after” tool. The realization of the 3D model and the insertion of the pictures are integral parts of the final rendition.

Temporary Bureau in Viale Tunisia

Another challenge has been faced in the project regarding this Temporary bureau building in Milan. The scene is different this time, and we developed the project of a business modern building, compared to the surrounding urban structure that dates back to the 30s and the 50s. The contrast between the styles is sharp, and it can be easily viewed by the “now and after” tool.

Greek theater in Siracusa – Concept

In the example alongside a project concept is displayed, regarding a possible new system of seats for the Greek theater in Siracusa. The need to develop a new system of seats comes from the consideration that during the “RappresentazioniClassiche” festival a really big audience is present at the events, and the Authorities tried to preserve the ancient structures in a non-invasive manner, simultaneously offering the audience a major comfort than the one offered by the original stone seats. The photorealistic render, along with the possibility to visualize the present and the future situation, clearly shows the purpose of the project.

Logistik Park Arese

The renewal of industrial areas intended to ease the sales is nothing easy. The big dimensions of the buildings and the significant struggling related to the overall presentation, sometimes challenges the owners to find the best way to communicate and advertise the renewal project. In this case Utopix used two different tools, specifically intended for the wide dimensions of the area.

Using a drone, driven by our pilot with ENAC certification, we shot a large amount of HD that we used along with the 3D modeling to create the “now and after” visualization. We’ve been able thereby to display the whole industrial area in a single picture.