Marlin Construction and SiziCase

The right realization of a marketing project starts with the awareness that you can’t stop after the first step, but it’s necessary to walk down all the way in order to achieve the desired target. Promoting the realization of an entire residential block involves using different strategies to reach the highest number of potential customers.

During our cooperation with Marlin Costruzioni we adopted this very strategy, planning an entire suite of marketing tools:

  • Site inspection for a photographic survey of the area;
  • Realization of a 3D model of the project regarding the exteriors;
  • Realization of a 3D model for the interiors of the most representative flats;
  • Realization of the promo videoclip;
  • Realization of the website for the advertising and the sales of the residential block;

Watch the promo videoclips realized for Marlin Construction and siziCase.

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