SC Project - Power race

SC-Project is a world leader Company, whose business is the production of motorcycle exhaust pipes, and the cooperation with this Company began by chance, but the common passion immediately led us to have a great harmony. The occasion to start cooperating was their demand to have a corporate videoclip, intended to represent the Company’s ethos during the EICMA trade show, in Milan.

With the collaboration of director Daniele Scarpa and cinematographer Michele Cherchi Palmieri, we compiled a storyboard targeted to describe the Company based in Milan.

Attending "EICMA"

The footages taken in the Company’s buildings, the post-production and a short 3D animation clip were the base for the final edition that was first displayed during EICMA 2017. In the following years we produced different versions so that, maintaining the same groundwork, we were able to renovate the initial product.

Yet today, despite the amendments piled up year by year, SC-Project uses the Corporate videoclip during all the major trade shows as a promotional tool for its brand.

Corporate Video

In 2018 Utopix produced the videoclip that SC-Project, in cooperation with Moto Macchion, used for the contest, promoted by Honda Italia SpA, among all the Honda retailers, regarding the production of a “special” motorbike based upon the model CB100R. The motorbike produced by Moto Macchion and SG Project won the contest.The videoclip was one of the mandatory requests of the competition notice,therefore we are immensely proudof having been part of this victory!

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