Via Quintiliano - Loft Mon Amour

When we had the chance to cooperate with Studio Wave, owned by Architect Napolitano, on anambitious project as the renovation of a whole block in the Via Mecenate area in Milan was, it seemed to us the best occasion to put in place all the marketing and communication strategies that would let us transmit best the ethos of the project “Q5 home&office

Bespoke and exclusive website

The project’s schedule was the realization of a building with a large internal yard, hosting many common facilities, such as a swimming pool and a gym. The core idea was to join in the same structure spaces potentiallycoveted by both families and professionals.

The “American style” loft was the base on which we meant to develop the communication project.

Corporate Videoclip

We produced, therefore, not only the renders of the loft in the double version (house or office), nevertheless we planned a storyboard intended for the creation of a corporate videoclip capable to perfectly represent the main idea of the project. Subsequently we designed the brochures and the website, and we were able to complete the suite, that constitutes a mandatory tool for the sales force.

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