Tecnologie Sanitarie - A New Look

The look means everything and, for TecnologieSanitarie, leading Company for the clinical engineering and sterilization, it had become a priority.

The reason is that a Company that promotes cutting-edge development, technologies and strategies for the world of health and welfare, is factually obliged to transmit its own philosophy through its own corporate image.

Corporate Leaflet

For the introduction of some peculiar services we provided the production of dedicated multi-language videclips. Their diffusion during meetings or trade shows has been very effective and user-friendly.


The necessity to introduce your Company and all its services and features during meetings and trade shows entails an immediate and easily comprehensive tool. The slideshow with animated and sequenced slides in a continuous flow makes it easier to narrate quickly and in an intuitive manner about your Company.

In the shown case we produced three different slideshows with the appropriate language depending on the Company branch which they were intended for.

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