Luxury Interior in Milan

The project responded to the request to make more attractive a prestigious residence, that during the years had been split in various parts and was difficult to explain to potential customers. The three units that made it up were the results of the previous needs of the owner yet, at the right moment, the situation made it difficult to show the whole property, hindering the sale. We were asked not only to support the owner from a technical point of view, but also to capitalize our Visual Architects skills, developing and realizing a draft concept of a potential residence / office with all the available space. Nearly 1000 mq in the middle of Milan have became our new challenge.

Dedicated Reserved Area

In order to furtherly highlight the operation, we needed to cuddle the potential customers, therefore we developed a website specifically designed for the download of the artwork, encrypted with a credentials based access. The reserved area on web bestowed importance to the trade and gave to the customer an exclusiveness sensation, mandatory in such a significant residential operation.

Descriptive VideoClip

There’s no better tool to show the potential of the concept than an emotional videoclip. The project was entirely produced with 3D modeling, merging the virtual camera footages of the new space with the “live” footages regarding the magnificent Bramante’s style entry yard, and of the surroundings in the middle of Milan. The design of the spaces, the analysis of the desired style and the pursuit of the best available materials were the result of an intense cooperation with the owner. The outcome is an emotional videoclip of a potential, yet unrealized, venue. The projection of the future through the visual emotion is one of the biggest incentives to make something tangible out of a non-material dream.

Marketing Tools

We completed the marketing suite with a brochure with packaging and a box set for the emotional videoclip DVD, both to be offered to the customers visiting the venue. Inside the packaging we provided a bespoke pen drive containing all the information files. The sophisticated graphic, along with the analysis of the best marketing strategies coordinated with the sales force, let us develop a dedicated, exclusive and high-impact product.

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